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Welcome to Dino Tracks!

Dino Tracks is a free web browser simulation game that can easily be played on your mobile device.

Registration and playing the game is free. Game setup is a 2D first-person static point-and-click. After registering your account, you can then do things such as: Create a user avatar, pick a name for your avatar, apply for a job at the dinosaur park, and much more. You will start out with fake currency (Dino Bucks) upon account creation. If you choose to work for the dinosaur park by becoming an employee, you will gain access to your own condo and vehicle. You can choose to decorate your home the way you want, expand it, and even adopt animals. By choosing to work for the dinosaur park, you will be given a company car that can modify, or purchase a different vehicle.

The dinosaur park, Park of the Lost Era, has a day/night cycle that works with real Eastern Standard Time, with hours of operation, in which, regular visitors won't have access until the next real life day if they try visiting after hours.

You will need to register an account if you want to be able to play Dino Tracks, or have access to the tracking system for your adopted virtual dinosaur(s).

Adopting a dinosaur is easy! You can browse our adoption page to see which dinosaurs are currently for adoption. When you adopt a dino, you will have options for purchasing different tiered packages but each tier will come with photos of your dinosaur and their biography, as well as a bracelet with your dino's charm on it, and a tracker. You then will be able to input your tracker information you receive into your account so that you can track your dino in its enclosure to see what it's up to every day.

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