Dino Tracks



If you have a question or issue with anything pertaining to Dino Tracks merchandise, Dino Packages, or Shop, please contact admins directly by emailing:


Please allow 24-48 hours for a response.

If you have an urgent issue that needs seen to immediately, you can reach us faster a few different ways below:

1. Message us through the Facebook chat box on the website Index page(must not be signed in to Dino Tracks to get to the Index page)
2. Message us directly through our Facebook Page.
3. Message us directly through our Discord channel or go through the website's Forum, which is tied to Discord.
4. You can look through the User Search feature and contact an admin through there VIA private message.

If you have an issue with a private message, use the report function withint the message. This will automatically be sent to an admin.

For all other questions or reports, please contact our moderators first before reaching out to an admin, as the admins are busy trying to keep updates and features continuous. You can find moderators the same way through the User Search feature and look up the moderator group.