Dino Tracks

Dino Tracks

- ETA 2022 -

Park of the Lost Era

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Welcome to Dino Tracks!

Dino Tracks is a static first-person point-and-click simulated web browser game, that you can easily play on your mobile device.
Members can create a 2D character that can be customized and work for a dinosaur park called, Park of the Lost Era.
Members can own virtual pets and adopt virtual dinosaurs that can be tracked as if they were a dinosaur. Members will also be able to own their own houses and vehicles, as well as raise and breed pets.

The in-game world runs on a day/night cycle. Changing according to Eastern Standard Time and is a static point-and-click world with interactive hot-spots.

Registration and playing the game is free. After registering your account, you can then do things such as: Create a user avatar, apply for a job at the dinosaur park(Park of the Lost Era), buy pets, and much more. You will start out with fake currency (Dino Bucks) upon account creation, that you can use to buy various things in-game.

Individuals will need to register an account if they want to be able to play Dino Tracks, and to have access to the tracking system for their adopted virtual dinosaur(s), if they adopted any from Dino Tracks whilist events.

Adopting a dinosaur is easy! To browse our adoption page to see which dinosaurs are currently for adoption, members will need to log in (or register if not already) and go to our Adopt-A-Dino page.

If you have any questions, feel free to message us on Facebook!

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