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Other Sites

Here is where we will link our other simulation games or mention upcoming ones that we have planned. Below that, will display our Brother and Sister Sites. These are sites similar to the style ours is, a web browser simulation game.

If you have a simulation game, and would like it added as a brother/sister site, please reach out to an admin. You can find an admin through the User Search feature.

Trails Tracks & Tails Other Sim Games:

Wild Horse Tracks

In this free web browser simulated game, you become a wild horse. Customize what you look like from a basic horse to a unicorn, pegasus, or ki-Lin, and more! Journey out into the wild to form your own herd. You will be able to find wild horses by exploring or through other means, as well as through trading cards.

Who knows what you might face out there in the unknown? Join us and discover it for yourself!
Release: In beta - official TBD

Status: Work is temporarily paused


Sister/brother Sites


"Atrocity is a virtual pet site that lets you wander and explore and find secrets, adopt and breed Genetic pets, create an anthro avatar, dress them up how you'd like...Own a house, Battle with enemies using your minipets and magic (and breed them too), Grow things on your farm, theres alignments to join, Tons of items to collect, Lots of npcs to get to know, Site wide events and contests,And lots of choices in anything you can do, and is constantly updated and has way more features coming in the future! We're always working on it And have plans to make it a nice little community where people can submit things and share their ideas with the world.

and its all completely free! There will never be a pay to play element or anything- and anything can be obtained or done without spending any money.
The only things we'll have to pay for are loot boxes (that again you can acquire all the items some other way,) Auto feeding pets, auto watering/harvesting things and stuff like that-

Theres honestly been alot behind the scenes and even more going on! We are ALWAYS in development because we keep coming up with new ideas!" - Kid Amaru
Release: 2016
Status: Current