Dino Tracks

Credits and Acknowledgements

Thank you to Hall of Famer at Mysidia Adoptables for providing the framework that Dino Tracks was built upon.

Thank you to co-founder Ben for all the support and help he's given in making this site reality in more ways than one.

Thank you to co-founder Nixakat for all the support and help she's given in creating all our sim sites and putting up with me(Micolai) running stuff by her all the time, at all hours of the day, lol.

A big thank you to Abronsyth and Dinocanid for helping code some of the big features of the site. We couldn't have gotten very far without their help and we deeply appreciate the help we've received.

Thank you to Ittermat, who helped teach the ins and outs of the framework and helped with several features as well as other areas of the site.

Thank you to Rubyz, who has helped with our image maps for trackers and park maps.

Other people and Kickstarter backers we would like to